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@  TheFlash : (07 January 2022 - 02:10 PM) Exclusive New Quests (NoReset: x20): http://forum.topmuon...ts-noreset-x20/
@  TheFlash : (04 September 2021 - 11:15 AM) Update 04.09.2021 http://forum.topmuon...pdate-04092021/
@  TheFlash : (31 July 2021 - 12:33 PM) New Monthly Events are added: Top Voter, Top BC, Top DS, Top CC
@  TheFlash : (31 July 2021 - 09:38 AM) Game Guides are going to be updated slowly in a near future!
@  TheFlash : (15 July 2021 - 03:09 PM) Servers Exp are going to be changed: NoReset x5 >> x20 and Hard x40 >> x80
@  TheFlash : (11 July 2021 - 10:30 PM) Update to Season 16 coming: http://forum.topmuon...e-to-season-16/
@  TheFlash : (24 February 2021 - 10:03 AM) Planned a big Update to Season 16 latest in a next few months. Exact date will be announced later.
@  TheFlash : (28 February 2019 - 05:49 PM) Character Classes Damage Builds (pvM) UPDATED: http://forum.topmuon...age-builds-pvm/
@  TheFlash : (05 January 2019 - 12:27 PM) Updated Anti Hack System: http://forum.topmuon...pdate-05012019/
@  TheFlash : (28 November 2018 - 03:37 PM) Update 28.11.2018 http://forum.topmuon...pdate-26112018/
@  TheFlash : (16 November 2018 - 01:18 PM) Set Limit of Max Accounts per IP = 2 (max 2 open game client windows from 1 IP)
@  TheFlash : (03 November 2018 - 08:19 PM) Added new command /dcfriend <character name> <account password>
@  TheFlash : (03 November 2018 - 02:40 PM) Update 01.11.2018 http://forum.topmuon...pdate-01112018/
@  TheFlash : (01 October 2018 - 06:05 PM) TOP Voter of the Month for September done: http://forum.topmuon...onth/#entry1187
@  TheFlash : (20 July 2018 - 06:26 PM) Summer Discount: Buy Topcoins and Get 30% more than before!
@  TheFlash : (31 May 2018 - 11:16 AM) Selupan, Medusa, Core Magriffy Time and Rewards Updated!
@  TheFlash : (18 May 2018 - 10:44 PM) New Event is Available. Check it out and try: http://forum.topmuon...t-make-a-video/
@  TheFlash : (18 May 2018 - 06:37 PM) Game Client has been Updated. Run Launcher to get an Update. Enable/Disable Low Performance Mode F9
@  TheFlash : (15 May 2018 - 04:06 PM) Server has been Updated to the latest version (many fixes, improvements)
@  TheFlash : (24 April 2018 - 02:45 PM) Server maintenance upgrade today. Will be down for 2 - 3 hours.

Most Liked Content

#803 Update 28.01.2018

Posted by TheFlash on 28 January 2018 - 05:53 PM

We have changed settings for resets and grand resets since players suggested it.
This is a new system for server dynamic x1000


Reset Limit: 100
After Reset Stats Clear
SM, BK, ELF, SUM: 650 Free Points x Resets
MG, DL, RF, GL: 700 Free Points x Resets
Max Stat Points with 100 R: 65 000 and 70 000
Reset Reward: 20 Topcoins
Reset Cost: 1kk Zen x Resets
Grand Reset From: 100 Resets
Grand Reset Limit: No Limit
After Grand Reset Stats Clear
Grand Reset Reward: 12 000 Topcoins

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#782 Update 26.01.2018

Posted by TheFlash on 26 January 2018 - 05:53 PM

1) Fixed all invasion monster amount including Goldens
2) Fixed Devil Square rewards not being added
3) Fixed Crywolf Event drops from Dark Elf, Balgass
4) Fixed Lord Silvester drop rewards and respawn time
5) Fixed Core Magriffy drop rewards and respawn time
6) Added Jewel of Guardian to drop in Kalima 7 all monsters
7) Added 3 Small Spots in Kalima 7 map. See on Minimap
8) Added RUUD rewards to almost all Boss Monsters
9) Fixed some reward issues to all boss monsters
10) Updated some pvp, pvm settings. (More coming soon)
11) Increased drop rates for fenrir create items
Enjoy this Update and Feel free to report anything you think needs to be changed, fixed!

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#1128 T>>3 SM WINGS+L=BK wings+L

Posted by kkayfat on 30 July 2018 - 12:01 AM


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#106 [Guide S16] Box and Other Rewards

Posted by TheFlash on 06 August 2017 - 03:40 PM

Box and Other Rewards - Get items by Collecting them


✔ Mastery Box (Minor)

Random 250 ~ 500 RUUD
10% chance random Jewel

 Mastery Box (Standard)

Random 500 ~ 1500 RUUD
15% chance random Jewel

✔ Mastery Box (Greater)

Random 1500 ~ 2500 RUUD
20% chance random Jewel

✔ Heart of Love

Low tier Weapons
5% chance Bless, Soul, Chaos

✔ Silver Medal

Low tier Items:
Scale, Plate, Bone, Sphinx, Wind, Spirit, Storm Crow, Adamantine, Light Plate, Violet Wing, 
Red Wing, Sacred Fire, Robust, Gru Hill, Rune Pad, Rune Spink, Slayer Set, Leather Gunner

✔ Gold Medal

Medium tier Items:
Ashcrow, Eclipse, Iris, Thunder Hawk, Dark Steel, Ancient, Storm Jahad, Princie, Rune Legendary, Slayer Demonic, Round Gunner

✔ Box of Heaven

High tier Items:
Great Dragon, Dark Soul, Red Spirit, Hurricane, Dark Master, Demonic, Piercing, Sate, Kenaz, Nightwing, Frere

✔ Red Chocolate Box

High tier Weapons
15% chance Imp or Angel
3% chance Bless of Light (Lower Grade)
3% chance Jewel (Bless, Soul, Chaos)
5% chance Rings and Pendants + HP recovery
5% chance Zen

✔ Pumpkin of Luck

88% chance Jack O Lantern different Buffs
8% chance Skeleton Ring or Pet (3 hours duration)
4% chance Jewel of Bless







- Invoking Demons Invasion
- Golden Goblin drop chances: Titan's Anger or 1 Jewel
- Golden Titan drop chances: Tantalose's Punishment or 1 Jewel OR Bless Bundle
- Golden Tantalos drop chances: Erohim's Nightmare or 1 Jewel OR Creation Bundle
- Golden Erohim drop chances: Hell Maine's Insanity or 1 Jewel OR Harmony Bundle
- Golden Hell Maine drop chances: Kundun's Greed or up to 3 Jewels or Soul Bundle

- Golden Kundun drop chances: 100% 5 Jewels or 60% 5 jewels + Jewels Bundle or 

  30% 5 jewels + Jewels Bundle + Archangel's Hammer 

- Snake Begins. Green Snakes drops from Monsters
- Green Snake (Summon Scroll Lvl 1) drop chances:
70% 100k Zen or 30% Summon Scroll Lvl 2
- Yellow Snake (Summon Scroll Lvl 2) drop chances:
80% 200k Zen or 20% Summon Scroll Lvl 3
- Purple Snake (Summon Scroll Lvl 3) drop chances:
50% 300k Zen or 40% Decoration Ring or 10% Summon Scroll Lvl 4
- Red Snake (Summon Scroll Lvl 4) drop chances:
5% 500k Zen or 95% Blessed Decoration Ring
- Can mix Summon Scrolls in Chaos Machine to get higher level (example lvl 1 to lvl 2)

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#956 Update 19.05.2018

Posted by Dexx on 19 May 2018 - 11:26 PM

Looks awesome!


Thank you for the update!


Love the x40 server config :)

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#954 Update 19.05.2018

Posted by TheFlash on 19 May 2018 - 03:26 PM

1) Updated Doppelganger (Double Goer) Event Rewards (Check Reward list HERE)
2) Updated Selupan Event Rewards (added Exc 380 level items to drop) (was socket only)
3) Updated Medusa Event Rewards (added Exc Weapons to drop) (was socket only)
4) Added to drop Steel of Heaven from monsters in all BC and DS
5) Increased Card Piece drop rate x3 - drop from all monsters
6) Removed Cool Down for all RUUD Skills and GL Shning Peak
7) Added Low Performance mode. Press F9 in game to check it out!
8) Updated drops from Golden Kundun
9) Divine Weapon (excellent) reward in Gremory Case 10% chance BC 1-4, 15% chance BC 5-7!
Enjoy this Update and Feel free to report anything you think needs to be changed, fixed!

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#951 [Event] Make a video

Posted by TheFlash on 18 May 2018 - 10:39 PM

Make a video Event


  • Make a short video 30 seconds - 3 minutes.
  • It can be about anything (killing bosses, leveling up, events, pvp).
  • Upload to Youtube or Send us so we will Upload it and post in description:

Mu Online Video Contest at https://www.topmuonline.net/ Top Mu Online



  • Event has no end date and can be multiple winners.
  • Every week the best video makers will be announced.
  • Post uploaded link in PM or comment in this topic.

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#945 [Guide] Offattack (off leveling)

Posted by TheFlash on 15 May 2018 - 12:06 PM

Update: Not needed to write /attack anymore. Skip it and write /offattack

This is because of system has been updated, working much better now.

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#805 Update 29.01.2018

Posted by TheFlash on 28 January 2018 - 10:47 PM

1) Fixed issue with BK class damage increase adding energy stats after 3000 points.
2) All character classes PVM (Player to monster) damages has been balanced.
    Tests are made using low items from game NPC without any wings.
    Using good items like wings or weapons will dramatically increase damage.
    If you think something is still needed to change say your opinion and it will be checked!
With 3 000 stat points:
Class      Damage    Stats                    Comment
BK             1301       (2500 str; 500 ene) (using two same weapons)
SM            1043       (3000 ene) (but staff % give much more increase and high speed)
ELF           1523       (3000 agi) (but dmg 2x, 3x every shot and high speed)
DL             1633       (2500 str; 500 ene)
MG STR    1708       (2500 str; 500 ene)
MG ENE    1127       (2500 ene; 500 str)
SUM          2199       (3000 ene)
RF             1811       (2500 agi; 500 ene) (but dmg 2x every shot and high speed)
GL             1998       (2000 str; 1000 agi)
With 10 000 stat points:
Class      Damage    Stats                    Comment
BK             9  499     (6000 str; 4000 ene) (using two same weapons)
SM            4  851     (10000 ene) (but staff % give much more increase and high speed)
ELF           6  201     (10000 agi) (but dmg 2x, 3x every shot and high speed)
DL             8  553     (5000 str; 5000 ene)
MG STR    6  680     (9000 str; 1000 ene)
MG ENE    5  472     (10000 ene)
SUM          11 568      (10000 ene)
RF              5 320       (10000 agi) (but dmg 2x every shot and high speed)
GL             15 942      (6000 str; 4000 agi)
With 20 000 stat points:
Class      Damage    Stats                    Comment
BK               34k    (12000 str; 8000 ene) (using two same weapons)
SM              10k    (20000 ene) (but staff % give much more increase and high speed)
ELF             13k    (20000 agi) (but dmg 2x, 3x every shot and high speed)
DL               21k    (15000 str; 5000 ene)
MG STR      15k    (20000 str)
MG ENE      11k    (20000 ene)
SUM            24k    (20000 ene) (slow speed)
RF               10k    (20000 agi) (but dmg 2x every shot and high speed)
GL                34k    (15000 str; 5000 agi)

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#804 Update 28.01.2018

Posted by eddie1994 on 28 January 2018 - 08:51 PM

Dear TopMu,


I would like to say that it's great to hear and see how actively and hard you work on the server.


Best Congrats,


Eddie (Insomania)

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#699 [Guide] Requests and Auto Party

Posted by TheFlash on 18 December 2017 - 02:53 PM

Requests and Auto Party


Requests controls the requests received by the player.


Command: /re on

Enable the receipt of requests. (party, trade and others)

Command: /re off

Disables the receipt of requests. (party, trade and others)


Command: /re auto

Enables the receiving of requests and automatically accepts party requests.

Command: /re auto <PASSWORD>

Enables the receipt of requests and automatically accepts party requests with the configured password.

Example: /re auto 1234

All players who knows password can join your party automatically.

So if password is 1234 , you need to put the same password to be able

to join his party and he will be able to join your party as well.

Both players need to write /re auto 1234 and simply give /party to be auto added.

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#633 [Guide] Offattack (off leveling)

Posted by TheFlash on 09 December 2017 - 02:32 PM

Offattack (offlevel)

How to use Custom Attack?

Go to the place you want to level up and write /offattack to leave character in off leveling mode!


Leave character leveling even when you go offline.

It is free to use for all players;

Character will NOT pick up any items;

Character CAN be killed;

Goblin Points for offline time will NOT be gained;

Character must have at least 1 reset to use it;

Character can use offattack maximum of 12 hours

(After that it will be disconnected from game)


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#5 Server Introduction - About us!

Posted by TheFlash on 08 November 2016 - 11:28 AM


We would like to present our Project before we announce news about Full server information! TopMu is an international private MuOnline Season 12 server and it's the latest version, therefore our project can be considered as innovation. This is what new players are looking for and everyone wants to play and see all the newset features. TopMu is optimistic gaming server and after time planning to open 2 different experience and configuration worlds for each taste: Hard: x40 and Easy: x1000. Every world will have different builds, limitations and unique features. We are planning to be a long term project and will strive for the best to give our players enjoyable gameplay, helpfull administration and friendly community. For more interesting gameplay everyone will have a chance to enjoy our made In Game and Forum Events and win balanced cool prizes like items or Topcoins for Item Shop. Server is based on Premium Unique Season 12 server files and Premium DMN Website. Our team is professional and there will be Game Masters in game who will help players with answering their questions and solve any problematic situation if needed.


Finally about server Launch dates:


BETA Test server Opening - July 25
HARD x40 server Opening - August 10


What will you see in TopMu Season 12?


Events and bosses:
- Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, Illusion Temple, Battle Soccer, Castle Siege, Crywolf, Kanturu Maya, Doppelganger, Imperial Guardian, Acheron, Forea Battle, Moss Merchant, Cherry Blossom, Elemental Symbols, Kundun, Selupan, Medusa, Core Magriffy, Lord Silvester, Unique - auto Horn Race event.

News and Features:
- All features from older versions
- Party / Guild / Store Matching
- [Upgraded] Pentagram System
- [Upgraded] Muun System
- [Upgraded] Socket System
- [New] Grow Lancer Class
- [New] Character Specialization
- [New] Skill imprint
- [New] Shop Sell Cache
- [New] Ruud System
- [New] Blood Angel Item
- [New] Dark Angel Item
- [New] Archangel Item Upgrade
- [New] Hunting Log
- [New] Skill tree skills
- [New] Mini game Minesweeper
- [New] Character Info Windows Improvements
- [New maps] Event Square, Forea, Urk Mountain, Nars

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#17 [Guide] Minimap

Posted by TheFlash on 19 July 2017 - 02:11 PM

Press TAB button to open Minimap in game. You will see map and where you are.
We have added Monster Spot locations as well. Not all but most of them!


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#16 Server Introduction - About us!

Posted by TheFlash on 11 July 2017 - 10:01 AM

Hi everyone!


I also have few question before I decide to follow your server to TEST:


1) will you selling FO items in shop on 40x server?

2) can you please reduce the amount of seals for exp which players could use at the same time?

3) is it possible to get EXC Bloodangel or Darkanger sets (not weapons)?!


Thanks in advance,


1) No

2) Yes

3) Not sure about this YET. But i guess yes.

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#1458 Character Classes Damage Builds (pvM)

Posted by TheFlash on 26 February 2019 - 04:15 PM

Character Classes Damage Builds (pvM)


This is a new pvM balance created on 28.02.2019
  • Many tests have been made for every character class, to make appropriate pvM damage (damage to monsters).
  • Balance is made to be as much similar as can, so no OP or nerfed characters.
  • Every character damage builds differently and that's why may vary and differ from other class when add more or less points.
  • Example if Summoner damage builds only from Energy, but BK damage builds from mostly Strength, but Energy also gives pretty big extra damage and Mana is necessary as well, so it has much more points to use for getting higher damage for some classes.
Tests Description:
  • Characters used: Level 300 without Master level and Master Skill tree!
  • Sets and Weapons used: All the basic from NPC in-game shops (NO wings)!
  • Damage - Character's made Critical Damage (blue)!
  • Stat Points - Combination of points added to characteristic which gives the most damage!
  • Time to kill Selupan - Time duration in seconds (Example: 0:45 means 45 seconds)


Skills Used:

  • BK - Twisting Slash
  • SM - Ice Storm
  • ELF - Multi Shot
  • DL - Fire Burst
  • MG (str) - Power slash
  • MG (ene) - Gigantic Storm
  • SUM - Lightning Shock + Berserker buff
  • RF (agi) - Dark Side with pure agility build
  • RF (str 1) - Dark Side with strength, energy build
  • RF (str 2) - Dragon Roar with strength, energy build
  • GL - Shining Peak + Wrath buff


Monsters Used:

  • With 3000 stats - Elite Yeti (with more HP)
  • With 10000 stats - Alpha Crust
  • With 20000 stats - Iron Knight
  • With 40000 stats - Ferea Fighter







Feel free to tell your opinion and suggest if you think something is needed to change!

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#1333 [Guide] Evomon Evolves - need update

Posted by TheFlash on 11 December 2018 - 01:57 PM




Evomon Evolves


On maps with level 93+ monsters you can find Piece of Summoning Scroll item. After you have collected 25 pieces - Envenom of Summoning Scroll will be created in the event inventory, after dropping which you will summon Evomon, which must be killed.


Evomon’s level will rise by +1 after each kill. With its level, characteristics and reward grows as well. There are 69 levels all together, however every 10 levels the chance to increase the level and continue the event drops by 10%. You will receive the corresponding reward from the Evomon before the failed evolution. Player can get best rewards when he has summoned level 61-69 Evomon.


Special Evomon will appear during the evolution by a low chance. Every 20 levels the chance of summon becomes higher.

You will receive a Legendary Evomon Box after you have successfully killed it.


Server x5 and x40 Rewards:

  • Minor Evomon Box: 200 RUUD + 1x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 4kk ZEN
  • Standard Evomon Box: 400 RUUD + 2x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 8kk ZEN
  • Greater Evomon Box: 600 RUUD + 3x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 1x Box of Kundun +3 + 12kk ZEN
  • Luxurious Evomon Box: 800 RUUD + 4x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 1x Box of Kundun +4 + 16kk ZEN
  • Magnificent Evomon Box: 1000 RUUD + 1x Seed Capsule + 1x Elemental Capsule + 1x Box of Kundun +5 + Steel of Heaven + 20kk ZEN
  • Legendary Evomon Box: 1200 RUUD + 2x Seed Capsule + 2x Elemental Capsule + 2x Box of Kundun +5 + Steel of Heaven


Server x1000 Rewards:

  • Minor Evomon Box: 300 RUUD + 2x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 8kk ZEN
  • Standard Evomon Box: 600 RUUD + 4x Jewel of Bless or Soul  + 16kk ZEN
  • Greater Evomon Box: 900 RUUD + 6x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 2x Box of Kundun +3 + 24kk ZEN
  • Luxurious Evomon Box: 1200 RUUD + 1x Bundle Jewel of Bless or Soul  + 2x Box of Kundun +4 + 32kk ZEN
  • Magnificent Evomon Box: 1500 RUUD + 1x Seed Capsule + 1x Elemental Capsule + 2x Box of Kundun +5 + Steel of Heaven + 40kk ZEN
  • Legendary Evomon Box: 1800 RUUD + 2x Seed Capsule + 2x Elemental Capsule + 3x Box of Kundun +5 + Steel of Heaven


Note: Chance is 80% for each item on each Box type.


  • Standard Evomon Box: 400 RUUD + 2x Jewel of Bless or Soul + 8kk ZEN means:
  • Standard Evomon Box: 400 RUUD (80% chance) + 2x Jewel of Bless or Soul (80% chance to get 2x jewels (can be only 1 jewel or even 0)) + 8kk ZEN (80% chance)

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#1208 WTT Exellent Items

Posted by NoviChok on 13 October 2018 - 02:18 PM

WTT >>> Ex.Dark Steel Gloves+Rate to Ex.Items for SM+Rate


WTT >>> Ex.Hirat Pants+Rate  to Ex.Items for SM+Rate

WTB >>> DL cloak+L - Pm me offers


WTB >>> RF cloak  -  Pm me offers


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#1104 Update 07.07.2018

Posted by TheFlash on 07 July 2018 - 02:17 PM

1) [FIXED] Buyback price from few items
2) [FIXED] "Double Goer" event party entry
3) [UPDATED] PK system (Click Here to Read More)
4) [UPDATED] Performance optimization
5) [UPDATED] Event entry system
6) [UPDATED] Server stability and some other small things


Feel free to report anything you think needs to be changed, fixed!

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#1098 [Event] Make a video

Posted by TheFlash on 07 July 2018 - 12:50 PM

This Event is still active!

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