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Character Classes Damage Builds (pvM)

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Character Classes Damage Builds (pvM)


This is a new pvM balance created on 28.02.2019
  • Many tests have been made for every character class, to make appropriate pvM damage (damage to monsters).
  • Balance is made to be as much similar as can, so no OP or nerfed characters.
  • Every character damage builds differently and that's why may vary and differ from other class when add more or less points.
  • Example if Summoner damage builds only from Energy, but BK damage builds from mostly Strength, but Energy also gives pretty big extra damage and Mana is necessary as well, so it has much more points to use for getting higher damage for some classes.
Tests Description:
  • Characters used: Level 300 without Master level and Master Skill tree!
  • Sets and Weapons used: All the basic from NPC in-game shops (NO wings)!
  • Damage - Character's made Critical Damage (blue)!
  • Stat Points - Combination of points added to characteristic which gives the most damage!
  • Time to kill Selupan - Time duration in seconds (Example: 0:45 means 45 seconds)


Skills Used:

  • BK - Twisting Slash
  • SM - Ice Storm
  • ELF - Multi Shot
  • DL - Fire Burst
  • MG (str) - Power slash
  • MG (ene) - Gigantic Storm
  • SUM - Lightning Shock + Berserker buff
  • RF (agi) - Dark Side with pure agility build
  • RF (str 1) - Dark Side with strength, energy build
  • RF (str 2) - Dragon Roar with strength, energy build
  • GL - Shining Peak + Wrath buff


Monsters Used:

  • With 3000 stats - Elite Yeti (with more HP)
  • With 10000 stats - Alpha Crust
  • With 20000 stats - Iron Knight
  • With 40000 stats - Ferea Fighter







Feel free to tell your opinion and suggest if you think something is needed to change!

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спасибо :)





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nice !!




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Hey, I have a question about the RF build. Did you tested it with more ENE than STR? And if yes - is the build with more STR than ENE better? Thanks.
*Asking about the Dragon Roar build.

**Nevermind, I think I answered my question :D




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MG scales badly into late game... str is the only viable build and even then it is the weakest char - look selupan test




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I agree, MG should be stronger on both, str and ene. You should decide which MG u prefer here then make it stronger then the other one.

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